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Being the only provider in the State of Nebraska offering Dynamic Movement Orthosis(DMO), we take great pride and care in the children we treat.

Dynamic Movement Orthosis is a new approach to managing abnormal tone a neurological dysfunction. The aim is to improve functional ability through the application of an orthosis designed to meet individual needs and objectives. The recent addition of plastic external frames (patent pending) has given our patients and their rehabilitation professional’s greater flexibility in treatment. These frames are easily added or removed based on the patient’s needs for that particular activity.


* Clearance of the toes in swing phase

* Heel toe gait

* Pronation Control

* Improved Cadence and Stride Length

* Forefoot Adduction


* Diplegic gait

* Adducted gait

* Excessive internal rotation of the lower limb

* Low tone of the trunk


* Low underlying tone

* Hyper Kyphosis of the thoracic spine

* Neauropathic Scoliosis

* Spasticity with underlying low tone

* Poor sitting ability

* Shoulder Protraction lined with low tone

* Movements associated with athetoid and ataxic cerebral palsy


* Abducting and Extending the thumb

* Extending the wrist and fingers

* Reducing gulnar deviation

* Encouraging supination of the forearm

* Reduction in Dynamic Contractures

* Hemiplegic arm may be lower and straighter

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