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Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) is an abnormal curvature and twisting of the spine that affects children during adolescent growth periods. The cause is unknown, hence it is called idiopathic. It is usually painless and affects both boys and girls. Girls tend to be associated more with AIS as it progresses to need treatment, either a scoliosis brace or surgery, more frequently in girls.

Scoliosis is usually detected by the school nurse, doctor or parents before the child is diagnosed by an orthopedic or scoliosis specialist.

Diagnosis is usually made by the doctor after radiological (X-ray) tests have been done to show the location of the curve apex, the angle of curvature (Cobb angle) and the skeletal maturity (Risser score). These results will lead the doctor to determine the prescribed treatment. As a rule of thumb doctors will use the following table as a guide.

Most people have some curvature of the spine and a Cobb angle of 10 or less is considered ‘normal’.

Cobb Angle Treatment
<25 degrees Observation and follow up
20-45 degrees Scoliosis Brace
>40 degrees Surgery

The study also found that ‘Bracing significantly decreased progression of high risk curves to the threshold for surgery and the benefit increased with longer hours of brace wear’1


Once the doctor has diagnosed your type of curve, its severity and determined that a brace is the best course of treatment they will also determine what type of brace and how many hours a day the brace needs to be worn.

The type of brace that you require will usually be one of the following:

Boston Brace

Charleston Bending Brace
brace2This is the most common type of ‘nighttime’ Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) brace and is worn just at night. This can only be used for certain types of curves and provides more significant counter forces to straighten the spine.


Milwaukee Brace
brace3This is the most common type of Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (CTLSO) brace and is worn by children who have curvatures higher up their spine.

We have an amazing oppurtunity for your brace to be custom designed with a local company called Revolution Wraps. This will be free of charge with your purchase of brace.

We have also partnered with one of our suppliers so that you can select which design you would like on your brace. Take a look through the wide selection of choices here and make a note of which design you want, to share with your orthotist.

Black P-1062 Blue Snake P-1052 Blue P-1019 Brown P-1092
Bugs Pink Background P-1089 Bugs Yellow Background P-1093 Carbon Braid P-1063 Caucasion P-1094
Cosmic Bam P-1094 Dark Sky P-1016 Denim P-1030 Flower Power P-1076
Fly and Drive P-1014 Fly and Drive White P-1015 FX P-1085 Hearts and Roses P-1068
Hispanic P-1073 Iceage 2 P-1050 Leopard P-1090 Light Pink P-1071
Light Purple P-1026 Light Sky P-1032 Little Blue Bear P-1004 Little Red Bear P-1003
Little White Bear P-1045 Manhatten P-1045 Military Combo P-1025 Mystery P-1079
Neptune P-1082 Ocean P-1023 Paper APS P-1087 Paper Jumbo P-1005
Pink Cammo P-1056 Pink Snake P-1067 Pirates with Flowers P-1088 Punk P-1078
Purple Cammo P-1096 Purple P-1075 Raindrops P-1051 Red P-1020


Soccer Balls Blue Yellow P-1065 Soccer Balls Red White Blue P-1064 Soccer Balls Germany P-1066 Solar P-1061
Spring Butterfly P-1060 Starlight Pink Background P-1083 Sweetheart P-1072 Tatoo P-1072
Tornado P-1013 US Flag P-1053 Wonderland P-1086 Yellow P-1021
Zebra P-1091 Zoom Zoom P-1095

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